Psycho-vocational Assessments:

Psycho-vocational assessments are conducted for the purpose of providing an opinion
concerning a client's current vocational capacities and future employment options.

Psycho-vocational assessments can serve clients who have suffered physical injuries and/
or a mental health issue (possibly as a result of a car or work accident) that render them
unable to return to their work or career path.

The Psycho-vocational assessment entails:
• An extensive clinical interview centered on current functioning, as well as a
review of issues relevant to vocational rehabilitation.
• The administration, scoring, and analysis of psychological test materials that
assess: cognitive, academic, and vocational abilities, as well as vocational
interests and psychological function.
• A matching of the client's vocational abilities and vocational interests to identify
potential work options.
• An online search of job options, to determine which placements are most
consistent with client's academic training, work aptitudes, transferable skills, job
interests, and physical requirements. Documenting of direct placement positions,
as well as job options requiring retraining.
• The preparation of an extensive psychological report that outlines the interview,
testing, and job search findings, as well as any other recommendations for the
client's vocational rehabilitation.

Dr. Cathy Chilly's biography (Head of Pscyhovocational Assessments)