Parenting Co-Ordination:

What is Parenting Co-Ordination?

A parenting co-ordinator assists separated or divorced parents dealing with on-going custody and visitation issues. Many parents have domestic contracts or parenting plans that contain instructions and directions regarding both parties conduct with his/her children. These arrangements can often cause conflict between parents or result in questions regarding how these arrangements can be properly followed.

A parenting co-ordinator can act as a mediator/arbitrator and work with both parties on an ongoing basis to answer questions and resolve/provide recommendations on parenting solutions.

Why Use a Parenting Co-Ordinator?

A parenting co-ordinator is often less stressful and more financial prudent way of helping to resolve child custody and visitation issues without going to court. The parenting coordinator works with both parents in a collaborative function rather than an adversarial one to help both parties reach mutually beneficial solutions. Should the parents be unable to agree, the parenting coordinator is able to make decisions from an objective, psychologically sound standpoint and will make the decision based on the best interest of the child.

Parenting Co-ordinators can assist you with the following:

  • Time sharing arrangements;
  • Routines between homes;
  • Babysitting or daycare;
  • Transportation or exchange plans;
  • Extra-curricular activity arrangements;
  • Educational needs;
  • Discipline strategies;
  • Clothing, equipment or personal possessions of children;
  • Planning for travel with children; and
  • Planning for special occasions or events.