Religious or Spiritual Issue or Problem:

Psychological counselling, therapy, consulting and assessment are provided to address personal issues bound up with one’s spiritual or religious life. These may include changes in membership, practices or beliefs such as conversion crises; a 'return' to one’s ancestral religious tradition, or the loss or questioning of faith; spiritual emergence; mystical or other non-ordinary experiences; difficulties arising in meditation and related practices; spiritually-referenced mood or related issues such as a "dark night of the soul"; issues with religious mentors or guides; family tensions around spiritual concerns.

Counselling may be undertaken to enhance the depth and personal authenticity of one’s spiritual life, and not only as a response to a particular “problem." A frequent goal of this type of work is the healthful integration of clients’ spiritual aspirations with other aspects of their lives such as work and relationships.

Psychological work with all of these issues is undertaken with the greatest respect for clients’ religious/spiritual commitments and experiences, in accordance with the letter and spirit of the relevant professional ethical guidelines. Work in these areas is informed by the “psychology of religion” and “transpersonal psychology” literatures, at times in consultation with relevant spiritual authorities, guides, or “culture brokers” where desirable and appropriate.


Yaacov Lefcoe, Ph.D., C. Psych. (Supervised Practice) approaches psychological practice with an integrative, holistic view of the person, and with a view to helping clients to use psychotherapy in their own unique way. Yaacov also maintains a specific interest in spirituality, religiosity, and ultimate concerns, and how these may be worked with fruitfully in psychotherapy. For more information on Yaacov please click here or visit his website at

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